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Body massage offers additional benefits than just relaxation.  Massage has the ability to awaken the sensory receptors in the skin that are often halted due to tension and anxiety.  Therapeutic benefits include better sleep, better concentration, a reduction in mental fatigue, and of course, relaxation…

 Relaxation Massage

30 min - $45

60 min - $65

90 min - $90



All massage treatments will be customized based upon on your individual massage needs. The Reception desk will provide you with and intake form to fill out in regards to problematic areas, massage pressure preferred, aches, pains, etc.  This will help guide the Therapist to give you the most customized massage for your individual concerns.  (Most massages consist of a combination of therapeutic and relaxation techniques, unless otherwise specified).




Deep tissue massage therapy is much deeper in pressure and is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).


Deep Tissue Massage

30 min - $55

60 min - $75

90 min - $100



PreNatal Massage

30 min - $50

60 min - $75

90 min - $100

For the Mother-to-be. Provides relaxation & helps relieve insomnia.  Relieves stress on weight bearing joints such as ankles, lower back, pelvis, neck and back. Assists in maintaining proper posture, reduces swelling in the hands and feet, lessens sciatic pain, calf cramps and relieves headache and sinus congestion. Doctor’s written approval required.  Must be past first trimester.


Steam Shower Session

30 min- $30


Steam detoxification is one of the most effective treatments for ridding your body of pollutants  and toxins. As your pores open up, millions of sweat glands begin to excrete with increased perspiration. Unlike dry saunas, steam saunas allow the flushing of toxins away from your skin, rather than allowing them to dry or bake back in. Steam also helps to prevent dehydration of the delicate tissue of your lungs and respiratory system. 

The Stone Therapy Massage

75 min - $90

This innovative treatment combines the elements of nature with the art of massage. Smooth Basalt Stones are heated and used to deeply penetrate muscle tension and energy centers. The perfect harmony of warmth & soothing pressure will leave you with a feeling of serenity and well being.


Aromatherapy Massage

Add to any massage



Aromatherapy (in the form of essential oils) can be added to any of the above listed Massage Services. We have a wide variety of organic essential oils to choose from. Your Massage Therapist will guide you and make recommendations for you based on your needs and desires. 

When choosing to add Aromatherapy into any of our massages, we incorporate essential oils (or highly concentrated plant oils), which are added to the massage lotion or gently inhaled by the Client while on the table. The nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system.  Inhalation of these essential oil molecules sends messages to the limbic system which in turn affects heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system. Essential oils are also absorbed through the skin. Aromatherapy is a very effective  modality to help ease emotional upset & are used to address insomnia, headaches, PMS, & post-partum blues. Each essential oil has different healing properties. 


The art of Lomi Lomi...
...A massage journey with Paula
60 min- $90




The sacred Lomi Lomi Massage is rooted from a Hawaiian philosophy centered on achieving harmony in mind, body, & spirit. Lomi Lomi aims to promote relaxation, improve circulation, address muscle pain & other physical ailments, as well as providing spiritual & emotional benefits, including the relief of fear, anxiety, & other negative emotions. A typical Lomi Lomi session begins with meditation & focused breathing exercises by the Therapist. The strokes are done with the hands & forearms & are often long and sweeping, much like long, rolling waves traveling along the body.

Because of the long, continuous massage techniques that run the length of the body, Lomi Lomi massage traditionally involves less draping than other types of massage. There is often a small towel covering the glute area while you are lying on the table face down, & a small towel covering your pelvic region while you are lying face up. In traditional Lomi Lomi, no draping is used over the breasts for women unless requested. A sort of Hawaiian fluid-like dance different from traditional massage & often referred to in Hawaiian tradition as the "loving hands" massage.