"Amp-lify" your next Facial Treatment

$15 additional


Power up your next Facial Treatment with an Ampoule!  Let one of our highly trained Estheticians introduce you to our Rosa Graf Ampoules.  Ampoules are highly concentrated purified serums designed to optimize the results of any facial treatment. Choose from the following: Vitamin C, Q10, Caviar, Moisture, Couperose, Collastin or Cerasome.

Micro Peel with Moisture Ampoule

Our most aggressive skin resurfacing treatment

75 min - $145

 This two-step process removes a micro-thin top layer of the skin to reveal a smoother, more even skin tone. Pores look smaller & sun damaged cells are cast off.  The top layer of our skin is a significant obstruction in revealing better skin because it is pore-clogged. This procedure is safe, effective & results are noticed after just one treatment. The steps include a Microdermabrasion Treatment, followed by a Glycolic Acid Peel (see Glycolic Peel & Microdermabrasion description for more details) finished with a cooling algae gel mask and a deeply penetrating Moisture Ampoule. 



60 min - $85

Series of 6 - $450

Microdermabrasion is a natural way to evenly and safely remove superficial damaged skin cells without chemicals or lasers. Over the long term, it will improve and maintain your skin's good health and looks and prevent problems in the future. Benefits include: Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles - Helps repair sun damaged skin and small scars - Reduces acne and uneven, rough skin texture - Minimizes uneven, blotchy skin pigmentation - Diminishes ages spots and reduces blemishes.  For optimal results, we recommend this treatment in a series of 6 treatments, one week apart.


Couperose Facial with Vessel Strengthening Ampoule

75 min - $95

Finally, a gentle but intensive Facial Treatment to address the concerns associated with couperose skin.  Rosa Graf has developed target specific products that deliver visible results by combining ingredients such as vine leaf extract, horse chestnut and rooibos; all known for their ability to strengthen vessels, reduce blotchiness and restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. For such delicate skin condition as this, we highly recommend using an effective home care regimen to further encourage the healing process. Ask one of our Skin Care Specialists to introduce you to our Rosa Graf Couperose Home Care Line.




Glycolic Acid Treatments

A more aggressive approach to skin renewal

60 min - $65

Series of 6 - $351

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) are derived from natural sources such as apples, grapes, milk, citrus and sugar.  They  all  have an exfoliating effect on the skin, however we use Glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane, as it has the smallest molecule of all the AHA acids.  It gives it the best permeability and loosens the intercellular “glue” that holds dead cells to the surface. It allows new cells to regenerate more rapidly & stimulates the formation of collagen & elastin. Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, lightens age spots and hyper-pigmentation. We recommend a series of six treatments, once a week for six weeks.

Collagen Replacement Therapy with Collagen Ampoule

75 min - $115

Series of 3 - $310

Before beginning Collagen Replacement Therapy, we recommend the series of six Glycolic Acid Treatments and/or the series of six Microdermabrasion Treatments to resurface the skin. This will maximize the adhesion of Collagen.  Because Collagen is a large molecule, it cannot penetrate into the Dermis, but rather attach itself only to healthy new skin cells. Pure Collagen & Elastin (the natural proteins found in younger skin) is freeze dried onto a piece of fleece wool in the form of a “mask”. It is activated by a Thermal Solution which draws blood flow to the surface of the skin. A layer of seaweed algae gel is applied to act as a transfer agent & the Collagen sheath is applied.  During a 30 minute steam session, the mask infuses proteins & moisture to healthy skin cells, “plumping up” fine lines & smoothing out the texture of the skin.  We recommend this therapy  once a week for 3 weeks, once a month for maintenance.

The Peptide Facial

Featuring Hydro Peptide Products

75 min - $95


Peptides and neuropeptides are tiny protein cell messengers (amino acid chains) that increase cellular communication within the skin.  Peptides are very hard workers and help promote natural elements of healthy skin.  Key benefits include boosting collagen production and an ability to weaken repetitive muscle contractions, which help soften wrinkles over time.  Also included in your facial is a luxurious hand OR foot treatment, your choice.  HydroPeptide offers a complete Home Care Product Line available for purchase. Let the Peptides continue their hard work at home. 

Caviar Collagen Facial with Caviar Ampoule

75 min - $115

Series of 3 - $310.


This is the same facial as above, only this fleece treatment mask incorporates the ultra hydrating and omega 3 properties of Caviar. Excellent for skin atrophies, increases cell metabolism, boosts collagen production in the skin and stabilizes moisture content.  Recommended for mature skin.

The HydroPeptide Intense Refresh Facial

Featuring Hydro Peptide Products

75 min - $130


Utilizing the same neuropeptides listed in the above Peptide facial, this intense treatment brings in the addition of a 5x Power Peel Resurfacing Solution (containing glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, pumpkin enzymes and mushroom enzymes) for visibly noticeable results in just one treatment. Followed by the Polypeptide Collagel Plus+ Line Lifting Hydrogel Mask. Completed with collagen boosting peptides, intelligent hydration and skin renewal antioxidants. A facial you won't soon forget...

The Oxygen Facial with
Papaya Enzyme

60 min - $100


See results immediately after just one facial. Look closely at the before and after photo above. These are actual results after just one treatment.
So why get an oxygen facial? The benefits of oxygen facials are said to range from a thorough deep pore cleansing to lightened hyperpigmentation. Oxygen is suggested to strengthen skin’s elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish pores. With the non-surgical oxygen facial treatment, you will see an immediate change in the appearance of the skin. Effects of oxygen facials are said to last about two days; so for best results, we recommend a series of six treatments along a six-week timeframe, followed by monthly touch-up visits.

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