Here at Addome Bella Spa, we have Skincare Treatments for all skin types and for all Skincare Improvement goals. Our product lines are Rosa Graf, Germany and HydroPeptide Anti-aging. Both lines have served us well for the past the 16 years.  We offer treatment products to care for the most gentle, sensitive skin types to our more "seasoned" skin care aficionados. With regular facial treatments, and a commitment from you, we can recommend and transform your skin from lifeless and dull to radiant, smooth and healthy. Your Esthetician will be happy to make to recommendations on the best treatment plan available for your skin care needs.

The Cellular Renewal Facial
(an Addome Bella Exclusive)
​75 min - $80
Emerge from this luxurious treatment with fresh, renewed skin. Dull skin is a result of accumulated corneocytes (dead skin cells). This facial helps speed up the cellular renewal process by gently removing corneocytes, not only superficially, but deep within the epidermis to reveal healthier skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uncovers softer, smooter, firming looking skin. Includes deep pore cleansing with aromatherapy vapor, an exfoliating enzyme peel, a customized mask, extractions, European massage techniques, hydrating eye treatment & a protective day cream. Additionaly, you'll receive an exfoliating hand and foot treatment with paraffin wax dip for the hands, and warm booties for the feet. Incredibly relaxing and benefitical for all skin types. We recommend this treatment monthly to maintain optimal skin clarity and hydration.


​Clinical Facial (Acne Prone/Problem Skin)
​75 min - $80

 For mild to severe acne.  This treatment includes progressive cleansing, exfoliation, & precise hand extraction's. Dr. Jacquet stimulating massage techniques are performed to help regulate sebum production. A purifying Ampoule is applied to normalize, balance & reduce irritation of the skin;  followed by a high frequency treatment (if needed) known for its oxygenating, germicidal, and anti-bacterial benefits. Finished with a lip and eye treatment & protective day cream. Regular Clinical Facial Treatments can dramatically reduce the severity of acne blemishes & clogged pores while minimizing inflammation. Recommended twice  monthly to regulate the sebaceous glands & in  conjunction with an effective home care regimen. 



Clinical or Traditional Back Facial


75 min - $85

Vitamin C Facial with Pineapple Enzyme
​75 min - $95

The cure for the common facial.  Vitamin C is indispensable for cell structure and is essential in the fight against the skins’ aging process. It has a moisturizing effect and is highly suited for smokers, as it helps to counteract damage caused by free radicals.  The Pineapple mask has an immediate tautening effect and contains enzymes such as Bromelain that are responsible for accelerating the skins’ protein assimilation.  The Vitamin C ampoule, coupled with the Pineapple Enzyme Mask is recommended for all skin types and gives the skin a “freshness boost” while revealing a glowing complexion.

Glyco-Cell Facial
​75 min - $125

The best of both worlds. The perfect balance of our Cellular Renewal Facial coupled with the powerful exfoliating benefits of a Glycolic Acid Peel.  This combination of deep pore cleansing, paired with the superior exfoliating beneftis of Alpha Hydroxy acids will take your complexion to an all new glow. Also includes and exfoliating hand and foot treatment with paraffin wax dip for the hands, and warm booties for the feet. You deserve to have it all….and with this Ultimate Facial Treatment, you can!


​Gentlemen's Facial
​75 min - $80

Featuring Rosa Graf's Mens Skin Care Products.  This facial is for Men who are especially concerned about the health & care of their skin.  This facial helps speed up the cellular renewal cycle by removing dead skin cells and revealing healthier skin. Includes deep pore cleansing with eucalyptus vapor, an enzyme exfoliating peel, and a Mint &  Menthol mask to stimulate the circulation of the skin. Followed by a face & neck massage, repairing eye treatment, & non-greasy day cream. You’ll also receive an exfoliating hand & foot treatment with a Paraffin wax dip for the hands, & warm boots for the feet. Classic grooming for today’s modern man. Recommended monthly.


​Seaweed Hydration Facial
​75 min - $90
The benefits of this luxurious facial are many. The Seaweed Laminaria & Gracilaria Algae both contain fibroblasts; known for their ability to boost collagen production in the skin. Benefits include exfoliation of the superficial dead skin cells, deep hydration to smooth the skin, & an increase in elasticity. You will also receive an exfoliating hand & foot treatment with a Paraffin wax dip for the hands, & warm booties for the feet.  Beneficial for all skin types. Recommended monthly for smoother, firmer skin.



​Lymphatic Drainage Facial
​75 min - $90
A hands on massage technique designed to aid in the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, allowing the body to drain stagnant fluids, detoxify, filter out foreign substances & maintain a healthy immune system. Note: Please be aware that when Lymphatic massage is performed, it requires a very light touch. Includes a full Cellular Renewal Facial.

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​The Cranberry Facial
​75 min - $85
All of the luxury of the Cellular Renewal Facial coupled with the hydrating and antioxidant properties of our Cranberry peel-off mask.  These berries contain ample amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that defend against premature aging.  This facial certainly won't bog you down.



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