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The Cellular Renewal Facial
(Our Signature Pampering Facial)

75 minutes - $90

Emerge from this luxurious treatment with fresh, renewed skin. Dull skin is a result of accumulated corneocytes (dead skin cells). This facial helps speed up the cellular renewal process by gently removing corneocytes to reveal healthier skin with an exfoliating enzyme.  In addition a customized mask, extractions, European facial massage techniques, a hydrating eye treatment & a protective day cream will be administered.  Additionally, you'll receive a hand and arm massage, neck and shoulder massage, and an exfoliating hand and foot treatment with paraffin wax dip for the hands, and warm booties for the feet. Incredibly relaxing and beneficial for all skin types.

Customized Acne Facial

60 minutes - $80

Say bye-bye to breakouts.  This purifying facial treatment combines powerful antibacterial ingredients with soothing botanicals to fight acne lesions without irritating delicate skin.  

No skin is left behind during this comprehensive treatment.  This facial combats all grades of acne by combining a powerful blend of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals geared to each individuals needs.   Perfect for treating oily, acne, and acne-prone skin.

Intuitive Counseling
Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial

60 minutes - $145 

This facial includes an enzyme peel to help break up dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is the perfect balance between a gentle peel and a therapeutic facial.  It targets fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and dull sallow skin.  Powerful Peptides stimulate collagen, Plant-derived Stem Cells aid to slow the aging process, and perfectly selected natural botanicals deliver nutrition and hydration to your skin in this advanced facial, restoring skin's youth and radiance.

Enzyme peels are much gentler on the skin than chemical peels while still being very effective. You will have microscopic peeling rather than heavy peeling days after. This facial includes a facial massage and a hand and arm massage. Includes a take home post-peel treatment kit valued at $30.

Natural Ingredient face Mask
Probiotic Purifying Facial 
(Ormedic Lift Enzyme Peel included in this facial) 

60 minutes - $135 

This comprehensive treatment combats all grades of acne, combining powerful anti-bacterial peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals.  Perfect for treating oily, acne, and acne-prone skin.  A fortifying probiotic mask balances the skin's natural flora and helps it resist dehydration and imbalance with its blend of yogurt-based probiotics and nourishing super fruits.  Essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourish the skin and fight the look of dullness and signs of damage.  Purifying green clay and charcoal help to detoxify and clear away impurities, leaving the skin smooth and refined.  The Ormedic Lift Enzyme Peel is a non-invasive peel and it will help to detoxify the skin, remove dullness and balance the skin,  leaving your skin with a beautiful glow. 

Every client leaves with a take-home post-peel treatment kit valued at $30.

Add paraffin hand treatment $12

Woman with Hand on Face
Antioxidant, Anti-Aging Facial (Hydrating)

60 minutes - $80

This treatment combines a stable tri-vitamin C blend with correcting exfoliating agents, plant-derived stem cells, powerful peptides, and intensely hydrating ingredients to treat redness, Rosacea, dry/dehydrated skin, aging and sun-damaged skin.  This refreshing facial will lighten, brighten, and tighten the skin.  Soothing botanicals reduce redness and add vital hydration. Lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed for an instant Age Later transformation.  After just one treatment you will know why Vitamin C is a must-have anti-aging ingredient. 

This facial includes a facial massage, and hand and arm massage, 


Add our Signature Lift Enzyme Peel with a hydrogel hydrating or anti-aging mask $65 (This add on includes a take home post - peel treatment kit valued at $30)

Add paraffin hand treatment $12

Add 15 min foot massage  $ 20

Facial Wash
Image Skincare O2 Lift Enzymatic Peel

60 minutes - $115 

Experience total skin rejuvenation with this enzymatic peel.  This treatment uses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and specially concentrated enzymatic botanicals.  It helps to revitalize the appearance of collagen-depleted skin and adds brightness to lackluster complexions. It also helps clean out clogged pores and  improve troubled skin. A gorgeous glow and a fresh uplifted look complete this facial. 

This is an excellent treatment to have done before an event to flaunt gorgeous, glowing skin. 

This facial includes facial massage,  a hand and arm massage, and a foot massage. 

This service includes a take home post-peel treatment kit ( a $30 value) to promote optimal results. ​

Add Paraffin Hand Treatment $12

Illuminating Facial

60 minutes - $80 

Perfect for all skin types, this clinical results-driven facial is designed to help correct hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.  It is a luxurious treatment  with the latest innovations in brightening and exfoliating technologies.  Vectorize technology TM administers the proven active ingredients through a unique time release mechanism for a prolonged effect that keeps working for up to 48 hours after application.  This facial is packed with powerful peptides, lightening agents,  natural plant extracts and plant derived stem cells.  Skin tone is instantly improved for a glowing, radiant complexion. 

This facial includes a facial massage, neck and shoulder massage and hand and arm massage.

Add 15 minute foot massage $20

Add paraffin hand treatment $12

Add 20 minutes LED light treatment  $20

Natural Beauty

60 minutes - $80 

During this treatment a medical grade stainless steel surgical blade will be skimmed across the skin at a 45 degree angle allowing for the removal of dead skin cells and any "peach fuzz", the soft hairs on your face. This facial provides a much deeper exfoliation than any store bought devices. The new hair growth will not be any more course, darker or heavier.  Dermaplaning allows for better product penetration, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, removes dullness, evens out the skin tone, helps lighten blemishes, and allows for better make-up application.  Your skin will be silky smooth and glowing afterwards.  
A full facial, facial massage,  and a hand and arm massage will be included in this facial.


DMK Dynamite Dermaplaning Facial
75 min - $115

Includes a full dermaplaning treatment with a facial that includes our paramedical DMK skincare product line, a hydrojelly mask, cooling globes to enhance your experience, hand and arm massage with a touch of hot stones, face massage and neck/shoulder massage. This is a five star facial. 




Dermaplaning Facial


Microdermabrasion Facial
Includes Neck and Decollete

60 minutes - $80 

This is a great treatment for rough textured skin. Softening the skin will allow for better product penetration to improve the health of the skin. This is a non-invasive procedure using our Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion machine.  The tip will exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells while the suction removes loose skin cells. This facial helps to deep clean pores, even out the skin tone, soften the texture, and smooth out fine lines. It also promotes collagen production. Includes neck and decollete.
A full facial, facial massage, and hand and arm massage will be included. 
Add 15 min foot massage $20
Add Paraffin Hand Treatment $12

The "Max" Firming Facial 

60 minutes - $110 

This facial is packed with plant-derived Stem Cells and powerful Peptides to Sculpt, improve firmness and elasticity,  and improve skin tone.  Anti-gravity peptides wrinkle-fighting peptides and lipo- filler help to add volume to the skin to aid in the appearance of sagging skin. Maximum moisture is also attained in this facial. 

This facial includes a facial massage, neck and shoulder massage, and hand and arm massage.

Add paraffin hand treatment $12

Add 15 min foot massage $20

Applying Facial Cream
The Express Facial aka Lunchtime Facial

30  minutes - $50 

 Our monthly maintenance facial is a full facial with cleansing, exfoliation, brief extractions, serum, eye and lip treatment, and moisturizer with SPF.  The appropriate product will be selected based on the skin condition.  This is more of an express facial and does not include a second mask. A facial massage and hand and arm massage will be included.  If you are seeking something more in depth, please view our other facials.


Skin Irregularity Treatment
15 Minutes -$80
30 Minutes - $160
60 Minutes -$310
Consult - $20 

Schedule a treatment and your consult fee will be put towards the service price.  Using our certifications and award-winning machine we can treat Skin tags, Keratosis, Cherry Spots, Brown Sunspots, Morgan Freeman Spots, Broken capillaries on the face, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Acne, Milia, and Blackheads. We can not treat moles or warts.


Reiki Crystal Facial
75 Minutes -$90
Reiki energy healing with crystal amplification, a customized facial (organic or natural product available), hot towels with aromatic essential oils, scalp massage, and a hydrating hand treatment.

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